Getrinke Vrella sh.p.k. in Kosovo (Sinaclo Kosovo) is a company licensed by Sinalco international - Germany for the production of its products and their distribution in Kosovo. Sinalco Kosova produces products with a German license since the year 2011, with a staff of 50 workers.

Our History

The magic began in 1902 with celebrated naturopath Friedrich Eduard Bilz and the visionary industrialist and beverage expert Franz Hartmann creating Bilz-Lemonade. They wanted to make a drink that would support workers with hydration, vitamins and revitalising flavours. We’re still on the same mission today: to bring refreshment to everyone. Our name has become synonymous with quality, taste and refreshment, and wherever in the world you see our iconic logo, you know you’ve chosen a product that embodies these values.


1905 - 1963

In 1905, after a competition to choose the name, Sinalco emerged. The name was inspired by the Latin “sine alcohole” (without alcohol) and registered as a worldwide trademark. In 1937 the “Red Dot” logo was developed, making Sinalco instantly recognisable worldwide. 1950 saw the creation of the classic Sinalco bottle – a revolutionary design that boosted the brand to become a household name into the 1960s.

1964 - 2000

Throughout the Swinging Sixties, Sinalco became a soft drink of choice in Europe. In 1979 the legendary jingle, “Die Sinalco schmeckt” was adopted as the sound of Sinalco. It’s a sound that still swings, as it’s fondly remembered across Germany. Here, after the advertising success of the jingle and with our iconic bottle, Sinalco was virtually synonymous with lemonade. Throughout the latter half of the 20th-century, we kept our distinctive “Red Dot” logo and expanded even further across Europe and the rest of the world. Even with a facelift of our bottle to celebrate the millennium, our “Red Dot” stayed at the heart of our identity.

2001 - 2009

In keeping with the get-up-and-go attitude of the new millennium, Sinalco spent the early years of the 21st-century expanding our range to bring new and exciting flavour sensations to the world. In 2005, we celebrated our 100th birthday. Since 2007 Sinalco has been acknowledged as “Brand Of The Century” by the association “German Standards”.

2010 deri sot

In 2010, as we entered a new decade, it was time to adapt our brand image for a new age, and our famous “Red Dot” got a 3D makeover to bring it up to date without losing the heritage look. Our logo may have had a makeover, but our mission and the quality of our recipes stayed the same – as ever, Sinalco remains true to itself.

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